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Jonathan Gates
Tanigle Asset Incentive Services
503-478-2241 (work)
Andrew Kaiser
Assurance Partner
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Christopher Hansen
Assurance Partner
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Robert O'Neill
Consulting Partner
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James Workman
Tax Partner
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805 SW Broadway, Suite 1200
(503) 478-2241


Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) 
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
American Tree Farm System (ATFS) 
Oregon Tilth (Certifying Organization) 
USDA Organic 
Additional Information: 

Prosperity is built on the ability to recognize opportunity— and the willingness to seize it, even with the acceleration of change and complexity in the marketplace. Whether you grow timber or run a fully integrated primary and secondary manufacturing business, your engagement team can help you secure your long-term success with tax planning and cost-saving strategies in addition to related strategic planning. Our deep roots in the forest products industry with companies that became our first clients over a century ago mean we understand that new ideas based on handson experience are essential to stay ahead. We offer a full range of services that spans accounting, consulting, and wealth management. Beyond analyzing your financial statements and addressing your tax and assurance needs, we offer a coherent, solutions-based approach catered to your industry’s unique complexities. Here’s a sampling: 

Assurance: Solve complex business challenges with insight made possible by quality financial and nonfinancial data. Validating the accuracy of the information you use to make your most critical financial decisions empowers you to be more confident in the direction you take your company in the future.

Tax: Individual and business decisions can significantly affect your tax liability. Keep more of the money you earn by understanding and implementing tax strategies at the local, state, federal, and international levels that can positively impact your returns and future plans.

Consulting: Industry focused opportunities and incentives through a bredth of services; including Federal Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, Fixed Assets, International, State & Local, R&D Tax Services, Transfer Pricing, and many more.

Restructuring: Build a stronger future when corporate stability is at stake by developing a comprehensive restructuring strategy. Evaluating alternatives and determining a course of action help address your company’s specific goals, put solutions into action, and create opportunity in times of transformation.

Due Diligence: Uncovering risks and issues is key to confidently moving forward with a deal—or not.  Targeted insight from an efficient, experienced due diligence team helps to validate the value proposition of your potential deal, support decision-making, strengthen overall deal strategy, and accelerate your integration.