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Welcome to the Oregon Forest Industry Directory!  The directory facilitates the establishment of business connections between the broad array of interests in Oregon's forestry sector. The Directory serves a number of purposes including:

forest products

  • Helping woodland owners find contact information for log buyers, non-timber forest product buyers, and forestry consultants & contractors;
  • Assisting the primary manufacturing industry (sawmills, plywood mills, log home builders, and chipping contractors) to find sources of logs and buyers for their products;
  • Helping secondary/value-added firms (moulding, millwork, furniture and cabinet makers) find sources of lumber, panel products, and other raw materials;
  • Enabling entrepreneurs and architects to find the suppliers and partners they need to commercialize a product/project;
  • Providing the general public with information on local producers of custom cabinets, rustic furniture, boughs for wreaths, and much more.

In the end, fostering better 'connections' will lead to a more vibrant Oregon forestry sector.

Corrections, omissions or comments relative to this directory should be addressed to the administrator.

The Oregon Forest Industry Directory is developed and maintained by the Oregon Wood Innovation Center at Oregon State University.

Disclaimer - Inclusion of firms here does not constitute endorsement of the firm. Information is reported as received from the companies and individuals listed here.